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Are you an Engineering graduate or a Masters in Computers?

Here's your chance to experience a hands on experience to do real time projects.

What You Gain from our Internship Program

  • Explore IT Environment: One of the main objectives of a program like this is to experience the IT environment in and out of work.
  • Learn from senior leaders: Working with them, you’ll learn about the industry and Software development cycle.
  • Mentoring: You’ll have a TL to guide and support you on your project during your stay to help your professional development.
  • Hands-On Experience: You’ll be able to apply your skills and knowledge to your assigned project. This experience will ease your entry into your work life once you graduate.
  • Training workshops: There may be opportunities for you to participate in some of the training programs to improve your knowledge and skill set.
  • Fun after work: It’s not only work, Interns would have activities related to the Personality Development which would help candidates while onboarding for a Job.

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