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IT Outsourcing

Shiash Info Solution is a market leader in IT Outsourcing in Chennai.

Shiash Info Solutions is a market leader in IT Outsourcing in Chennai due to its extensive range of IT consultancy services in Chennai that is required to augment the business of our clients.

Information Technology (IT) Outsourcing service is not a refined area of prospects where we might expect complications to occur. Hence we are prepared for providing solutions for many other services for our clients.

We are the best in providing IT Outsourcing in Chennai as we ensure to find solutions in a short time with minimal resources for your benefit. We work in a pattern and ensure that all possible and comprehensible solutions are presented to you on time and evaluate the opportunities in outsourcing process of them.

As a software development company, we always aim to offer you top quality software solutions.

Shiash Info Solutions are among best companies for Software Development service in Chennai, we have a special expertise in coding, designing, programming, testing and then delivering different software solutions to our clients.

We care about you and your business. As per your requirement and purpose, our Software Development Service can be of different types and that includes the following packages:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Application or software redevelopment
  • Web application development services
  • Migration of software applications
  • Complex requirement Software Development
  • In some specific cases, we also function as offshore development or delivery center

The development of software happens in phases. This is also termed as development lifecycle of software. This development starts with research work and ends with the final delivery to the end customer. During the Software Development, various documentation needs to be completed. Software development also includes testing the product and fixing the detected bugs to provide completely defect free product to the customer who has paid for it.


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